whale cakes LLC is a game development studio!

iOS Games

We're currently working on a game based around jumping!

An early mockup.

A more recent mockup.

We're also working on a deep sea diving game! It was originally made for Ludum Dare Jam 29.

Check us out on Twitter and our blogs for updates!

Windows Games

VOX: It's about an alchemist doctor named Vox platforming through a really bizarre mountain. It won a medal!

PLASMA: It's about a mechanical human who needs to save a ruined Earth from robots. It didn't win a medal, but you should play it anyways.

ROBOLUTiON: It's a frustration platformer. You are Pixel-chan trying to escape the place. Made for Ludum Dare 24, art made by the coder (and it shows!)

Evil Simulator 2012: Take the role of the Evil Lord and fight your way through waves of loser heroes! Made for Ludum Dare Jam 25.


@admung: the coder talks about daily life, tweets food, and occasionally games. Pretty high volume. You should check it out.

@Blabberf: the artist tweets pictures of art he makes for school and games! Pretty low volume. You should check it out!

admung's blog: it's his (strictly) development log.

blabberf's blog: it's filled with beautiful art!

admung's twitch.tv: admung streams games sometimes, and we stream game development sometimes too. you could always follow it to get updates on when we do stuff!